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forced errors for everything wrong in your life.
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"I'm going to take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat." - Serena Williams


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Whenever you post an article, make sure you include a source to the original material.

This is an LGBT-friendly and equal opportunity community. We post about both men's and women's tennis and love and appreciate fans of both. It's okay if you're not of fan of one or the other, but, for example, if your views on women's tennis align with Sergiy Stakhovsky, this is probably not the community for you.

If you're unfamiliar with what "ONTD" means, you should probably check out our mother community ohnotheydidnt so you can get an idea of what you might see here. Lots of inside jokes and snark and stan wars, tennis-style! But we are definitely much nicer than the mothership (and we're about 97.4% saner than the cesspool of douchebags known as Men's Tennis Forums) so if there's something you don't get, don't hesitate to make a post and ask. :)



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RIP Elena Baltacha: 14 August 1983 - 4 May 2014


Bernard Tomic. An hooner for us all.
"bird flu...sars...anthrax", "do my ears look funny, guys?", "don't talk about my mum", "i'm, like, drama", "oh god it's killing me", "this is reedeeculus", "we're not english man", "what happened to your hair?", "you cannot be serious!", a rare double fault from verdasco, allez up your fucking ass, and richie was still on the bottom, andre agassi's impeccable fashion sense, andreas peter rafael mcenroe federer, andy murray vomiting, atp players cannot sing, australian open, beijing hangover, bring back the sleeveless, build a fucking roof, but did he lose 30 pounds?, captain wasabi, carlos ramos, carlos ramos = heartbreaker, cocaine flavored kisses, davis cup, delpo's cheesecake, dinara "the real #1" safina, djokovic retires from djokovic open, djokovic wins djokovic open, do your best always, do you have the ḞeṾer?, el copa davis, enric molina, enric molina's delicious face, espn is tardy to the party, esther vergeer: hbic, falling through glass tables, fap cup 2009: gay first tennis second, federer induced heart attacks, federer twins: holy saviors of tennis, feliciano lopez is prettier than you, fernando "double fault" verdasco, fernando verdasco wrote the davinci code, fifty shades of clay, free for all tennis, french open, funky swiss backspin, game-saving injury time outs, gasgay-gate 09, gay as a tennis player, good service is everything, grass is for cows, hai gürl hai, hi man!, how is this public knowledge, i don't give a shit, i need some muzzafucking details, i didn't say i would kill you, i get all my dates from playboy, i have a banana stuck in my throat, in tennis love comes first, its hard out there for a muzza fan, jmac's rafa boner, just yoking, justin gimblestob embarrassing himself, jwt is a p.y.t., lacoste slash, les quatre mousquetaires, lol brad gilbert, love means nothing, manpris, marcos baghdatis is fucking adorable, maria shriekapova, maximum fug, mirka is the hbic, mirka wears the pants in this marriage, monfils loves moonballs, mugs and clowns, muzzaraptor, myla and charlene federer, new balls please, nipple tassels, no hablo oink, nole's amazing rapping skills, novak djokovic's smurf shoes, novak djokovic: clay god, novak djokovic: 3-time slam winner, novak djokovic: ball girl assassin, omgtheirloveissocanon, opposite french open 09, otherwise they will cut my testicles, pamela was her drag name, pamela's kisses, pascal maria is the hbic, pete sampras ships fedal, play with the right actitude, probably with my mommy, punishment by treadmill, quiet please, radek stepanek: lady killer, rafa/roger rivalry is srs bsns, rafael nadal's pirate pants, rafael nadal: #1 fedtard, rafael nadal can't park a bus, rafael nadal makes people cry, retirement grand slams, richie kissed a girl and hated it, riger failderer, robin soderling ruins birthdays, rodgeur faederairgh is an uncommitd louse, roger "cant convert break points" federer, roger federer: greatest of all time, roger federer embarasses his children, roger federer is a slut, roger federer is a classy fellow, roger federer throws water bottles, roger's perfect curls, sam querrey's always high, sandra de jenken, serena "the real #1" williams, serving and crying, sexy chair umpire club, shaking and crying, shoving balls down your throat, shut up andre agassi, six geese are geesing, slutty spanish armada, spanish tennis players are sluts, stop trying to make andy murray happen, tennis, that's enough nbc, the best of the history, the curse of the borg records, the dark lord soldermort, the mo lahyani fanclub, the players slash themselves, this shit is platanos, this is worse than the montreal draw, three french fries, uncle toni does not approve, us open, variable geometry faces, wimbledon, would you tell sharapova to be quiet?, you cannot be serious, you stay classy usta, you're a hater and unattractive inside, your face is a double-fault, ¿dónde están los guns?